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François Marchessou

Date of Birth:
May 29,1939

Years with Firm/Entity:
37 at Poitiers Univ

Nationality: French

Membership in Professional Societies:

- Assoc for Educational Communication and Tech(USA),Intl Council on Distance Educ(Norway),CREAD,
- Vice President Orion consortium of European and Latin American Universities:Granada, Leuven,Brasilia,Londrina, La Plata,Comahue, Patagonia, Santiago, Los Lagos, Tarija, etc.
- Member group of professional experts on TV and IT applications to education and culture, ATEI, Ibero American educational channel,Madrid "


Detailed Tasks Assigned:

Head of Educational Technology Dept. at Poitiers Univ, Head of Language Dept. at Poitiers Teacher Training Institute,International Consultant in Ed.Tech and Distance Ed.

Head “Maison des Pays du Cône Sud » , a consultancy and information unit for education and training between France, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay (created in 2003 by Univ de Poitiers)

Key Qualifications:

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In charge of a "train the trainers" programme in distance education organized by The Commonwealth of Learning (Vancouver) for the Govt. of Mozambique: Maputo Dec 2,003

1974-2002: Founder and Head of OAVUP:media centre  and educational technology dept. with France’s oldest (1984)  D.E.S.S ( Master’s degree) in what is today known as Media Engineering for Education :training  in media production , on/off-line distance ed.,project management etc..D.E.S.S. is now available to teachers and educators in face-to-face and distance formats for extension students in France,Madagascar etc…

1975 to the present :international consultant for a number of government agencies (French, Algerian and Chilean ministries etc…),international organizations (Unesco,European Union ) and universities (Iowa, Oregon, SUNY , Illinois State , U-Vic , Aveiro , Univ Nac de Ed a Distancia,Bogota,, Univ Aberta (Lisbon),UNED (Madrid) etc..on educational, media-based policies.

This has involved:

  • the design and organization of short courses and seminars for trainers and teachers both on site and at Poitiers.OAVUP has in fact received several hundreds of such trainees from Algeria, Argentina,Australia,Brazil , Chile,Egypt, Mozambique,New Zealand,Portugal,Spain, Thailand,the US. etc.
  • the production  of evaluation reports on  distance education and related training programmes  in Algeria,Argentina, Brazil (distance training of teachers),Rwanda ,Mozambique etc…
  • an active policy of taking part in teacher-training courses ( I am, in fact, one of the founders of the national trans-Brazilian course for trainers in distance education launched by Univ of Brasilia with support from the Ministry of Education) as well as in the design and testing of authoring software for multimedia production (Winscope) with concomitant field-testing with trainee teachers at Poitiers IUFM.
  • participation as board member (Eurotransmed for medicine,Eurostep etc..), adviser (Televion Educativa ibero-americana) or guest speaker in a number of international events.
  • participation on a contractual basis in more than 10 inter-European  development projects  in
  • the production of several articles and papers on educational media, open and distance learning  and training issues  related to those two fields.Most recent are:
  • Participation in the 11th International Congress on Computers in education organized by the National Distance University of Spain (UNED, June 29th-July 1 )where the final lecture was given by The Casa de los Países del Cono Sur director, François Marchessou on "Rhetoric and reality in the use of IT in education".
  • "Training Students in Information Technology for the Corporate World:The French Side of a European Union Survey" an article in Educational Technology, Research and Development ,vol 52, No 2 , 2,004
  • Some Ethical Concerns in Ed-Tech consultancies across borders,ETR&D,Vol 48,Nr4,2,000.Award for outstanding journal article at the Association for Ed. Communication and Technologyconference,Atlanta , Nov 2, 2,001.
  • Internet en las Escuelas de Europa,plenary lecture at the Educared Conference,Madrid,Jan, 2,001.
  • Las Fracturas Digitales (Digital Divides North/South,South/South,North/North) in Spanish as keynote lecture for the International Conference on Computers in Education (UNED, Madrid,July 02) and in Portuguese at Univ of Brasilia seminar Aug 02.
  • Accessibilité Numérique et Education :réalités , contextes , cultures in a special issue of Les Cahiers du Numérique (Hermès) April,2002.
  • Distance Education Reappraised:some trends and patterns , a chapter in the forthcoming book edited by Prof.Lya Visser of Nova Southeastern University,to be published in English and Spanish, Spring 2,003.


Poitiers Univ


Licence ès Lettres English

Brandeis Univ


Fulbright fellow and Wien Intl scholar

The Univ of Iowa


Master of Arts

Poitiers Univ


Diplôme d’Etudes Sup (Master’s) in American Lit.

French Ministry of Education            


Agrégé de l’Université  (English)


Employment Record:

1991 to the present       

Head of Modern Languages at Institut  Universitaire de Formation des Maîtres de Poitiers

1974 to 2002

Head OAVUP (Media Center and Ed.Tech dept. Univ of Poitiers)

1965 to 1991

Assistant Lecturer, Lecturer, Senior Lecturer,Univ of Poitiers

1975 to present

Consultant in Educational Technology and Distance Ed on an international basis


French: native speaker

English: bilingual in all formats_bicultural (North America)

Spanish: spoken : very good/reading:good/writing:good

Portuguese: spoken: fair